About Me

In 2009, I moved to New York City from Cali, Colombia. Currently, I live and work in Chicago since 2013. I work for the CME Group Foundation Business Analytics lab at Quinlan School of Business as a DevOps, Data Specialist. I am tasked with developing new and innovative approaches to large-scale problems. I am an award-winning researcher on mobile user experience, and have contributed significantly to research ranging in topics from Hurricane Sandy’s impact on the stock markets to brand evolution, specifically that of the HBO’s show Girls. On the financial side, I have been working closely with the CME Group on two different projects involving parallel computing and high-frequency trading. The first project requires the implementation of parallel computing to financial models to increase performance and speed of these models. The second project involves CME data in milliseconds (high-frequency trading) where I transform, analyze and build models to identify mispricing.

Working for the CME Group Foundation Business Analytics Lab has been an unparalleled experience;I feel as though I have contributed immensely to a number of projects, as well as to the professors and classrooms that have utilized my expertise. In general, the lab offers hands-on, real-world training in financial services, but it also contributes to research in business analytics across a number of industries. I find that I am very interested in Data science, and I have enjoyed working with cognitive ssytems as well as parallel computing. The CME Grouo Business Analytics Lab at the Quinlan School of Buisness provides training and expertices that help student and members of the lab enhance thir resume and make their professional skill stronger helping making it easier to find a job in a tough job market. Moreover I feel fortunate to work with Dr. Fady Harfoush, Director of the lab – he has been and continues to be an incredible, knowledgeable, and supportive mentor in my professional career.